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A Joy Ride, Full of Risk

Though these children, counted as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 …, were all full of cheers, but all the people who saw them only had a fear. When these smiles would be converted into something unfortunate was the only thought people had.

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आधुनिक तकनीकीः वरदान या अभिशाप पर बच्चों ने किया वाद-विवाद

हिन्दुस्तान जिंक व विधाभवन द्वारा आयोजित प्रतियोगिता

हिन्दुस्तान जिंक देबारी एवं विधाभवन सोसायटी के संयुक्त तत्वाधान में बुधवार को जिंक के खेल भवन में आधुनिक तकनीकी वरदान या अभिषाप पर आयोंजित वाद विवाद  कार्यक्रम में विद्यालय के बच्चों ने खुलकर तर्क वितर्क किया। जिससे खेल भवन तालीयों से गुंज उठा।

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When The Policeman Says – “I GIVE UP”

We were travelling to south and this is what we saw. On being asked the obvious question – what happened – the gentleman said – no – not the one sitting on the motorcycle, but the one standing with folded hands, “Sir, I am pleading him not to use motorcycle as his car. He seems to be not understanding that a two-wheeler is of ‘2-wheels’, so five people can’t sit.

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Hanging Schools Bags and School Children in Auto-Rickshaws

It is a common sight every morning and afternoon too. Rushing auto-rickshaws on roads, somehow carrying school children and their hefty bags, not adhering to the rules of either traffic or the guidelines for carrying maximum children in an auto – all seems to be disregarded.

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When Rules are Meant to be Broken, How will India have ‘SAFETY GENTLEMEN’?

The accompanying picture was clicked in Udaipur near Field Club. Two children were seen driving Scooty in the middle of the road. It was very evident that the one sitting in the front was a learner and the elder one sitting as pillion rider was teaching him.

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