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247 खुशी केन्द्रों के 5500 बच्चों को मिलेगी यूनिफॉर्म

हिन्दुस्तान जिंक द्वारा कोटड़ा ब्लाक में खुशी बांटिये कार्यक्रम का आगाज़

उदयपुर। हिन्दुस्तान जिंक द्वारा सेवा मंदिर के सहयोग से शुक्रवार को कोटडा ब्लाक के मांडवा अटल सेवा केंद्र में खुशी बांटिये कार्यक्रम का शुभारंभ किया गया। इस कार्यक्रम के तहत् कोटड़ा ब्लाक के 247 आगंनवाडी केन्द्रों के 5500 बच्चों को यूनिफार्म का वितरण आगामी तीन माह में किया जाएगा।

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Vedanta Khushi Launches its First “Khushi” Video

khushiTeri ‘Khushi’ Se Badhkar, Meri ‘Khushi’ Hai Kahan


To rigorously promote our campaign towards child care, particularly the deprived children in India, we have now launched our first “Khushi” Video which talks about the journey of deprived children towards a nourished, educated and healthy life.

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VEDANTA KHUSHI – Atleast I Could Save One Child From Begging

250401Delhi has been famous for its traffic more than anything else. Especially when you are traveling in your own vehicle, most of your time is spent on the traffic signals. And no matter how hard you try to avoid the beggars on the traffic signals; they will keep on knocking the window of your car.

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Vedanta’s Child Care Campaign “Khushi” Gaining Momentum

Be polite to the poor children – they are not deprived by choice but by chance..

150109Vedanta is spearheading a global campaign towards ‘care for the underprivileged children in India’. The campaign launched with a thought that Government, companies or NGOs cannot do it alone and individuals need to come forward and participate towards this national problem.

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VEDANTA KHUSHI has taken yet another initiative and this time it is towards the HEALTH of Underprivileged Children in India. VEDANTA KHUSHI is organizing FREE OPERATIONS for Children suffering from CLEFT LIPS AND CLEFT PALATES.

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