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We Are Taught Much, But Learn Less : Pavan Kaushik

As part of the International Teachers Day celebration, Vivekananda Lok Manch today recognized the teachers who have made Udaipur proud. These were the teachers whose students have attained high positions in government as well as private sector.

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The First Suspended Bridge Ever to Use Galvanized Steel

Brooklyn Bridge of New York

Until now we know about the galvanized wonders – Bandra Worli Sea Link of Mumbai and Kedarnath Bridge of Uttarakhand, and now we present yet another masterpiece that was constructed as early as the year 1869.

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Zinc can improve your vision…

In today’s times of increasing working hours and chronic stress, Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain are a common issue. Headache, blurred vision, irritation, extra tearing, excessive blinking and even neck pain are symptoms of the same. In times like these, it is essential to take extra care of vision health.

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