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Zinc… a Tonic for your Skin…

Pollution, harsh weather, the sun’s UV rays, poor diet, stress and lack of exercise. All of these have a role to play in deteriorating your skin’s condition.

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“Philosopher’s Wool” or “White Snow”.. Zinc… always and forever…

While Zinc was unknown in Europe until the end of 16th century, India had been producing Zinc at a large scale since the 12thcentury onwards. The mines in Rajasthan have given an evidence of zinc production since 6th century BC.  Zinc was distinctly recognized as a metal under the designation of “Yasada” or “Jasada” (Yashad) in the medical dictionary written in the year 1374.

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SEA View v/s SEE View

Who does not want to have a bungalow or flat facing sea.  Globally, everyone wants to stay in room in a hotel that is facing sea-view. The mesmerising nature has its own depth like ocean which cannot be measured.

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