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ओ री चिरैया…नन्हीं सी गुडिया…अंगना में फिर आ जा रे……..

स्कूली बच्चों ने अद्भुत चित्रों और कला के माध्यम से रचे खुशी के रंग

231102उदयपुर। ओ री चिरैया .. नन्हीं सी गुडिया, अंगना में फिर आ जा रे, बाल विवाह अभिषाप है, बालिका को भी पढने का अधिकार है, सारी उम्र हम, मर मर के जी लिये और कहीं दहेज विरोधी नाट्य जैसे संदेशों से शहर के 10 प्रमुख पर्यटन स्थल और चौराहे बुधवार को विशेष आकर्षण का केन्द्र रहे।

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Be Polite to the Children of Street, says “Khushi”

270401I was travelling from Bangalore to Delhi in Karnataka Express. With fatigue of travelling almost 40 hours in train, with tons of baggage, it was quite an irritating and hectic journey.

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Vedanta Khushi : I Can, My Father Can’t

090308This incident is a little old. Dharmendra, a small farmer from Amara, Uttar Pradesh, has a small piece of land on which he cultivates seasonal crops, sometimes vegetables. His family has 4 people, his wife and 2 children, elder girl Radha is aged 12 and the son Cheeku is of 7 years. As the land is small he is comfortable cultivating himself and if required his wife helps him out.

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300403Udaipur. April 24, 2014 was not any other day. A team of 15 ‘Khushi’ volunteers was heading towards a small village in Zawar, from as far as 300 km, to meet the children of “Khushi” Centre. The children were excited too as the volunteers had planned a number of activities for them.

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Join “Khushi”, Raise Your Voice towards Child Care


250306Vedanta’s “Khushi” campaign is a mission driven by the vision of Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman – Vedanta Group’s that “no child in India should remain malnourished and be deprived of education and primary health.

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