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The new face of corporate philanthropy : anil agarwal

In conversation with Anil Agarwal about Vedanta’s ingress into Corporate Philanthropy

06693689Many of us may be confused with the term Corporate Philanthropy’ as they may argue that history is the testimony to the fact of Corporate Charity’ then why several companies have tried to be associated with the concept so aggressively.

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She Saved The Infants From The Rats

Care for the Under-privileged Children

210103Gunjan wrote to Vedanta Khushi about her experience in an NGO where she became witness to a lot of rats roaming around newly born children..  We present her story that spreads the message of Vedanta’s Khushi initiative towards `Care for the Under-privileged Children’.

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Hind zinc Record mined metal production

Net profit increased by 27%

hind zincUdaipur. Hindustan zinc announces results for third quarter & nine mnths which ended on december 31, 2012. hind zinc not lony record mined metal production but also increasec net profit by 27%.

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Vedanta’s Child Care Campaign “Khushi” Gaining Momentum

Be polite to the poor children – they are not deprived by choice but by chance..

150109Vedanta is spearheading a global campaign towards ‘care for the underprivileged children in India’. The campaign launched with a thought that Government, companies or NGOs cannot do it alone and individuals need to come forward and participate towards this national problem.

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Unlocking India’s Potential : Anil agarwal

We can transform the country, eradicating poverty and unemployment, if we make the right moves

says Chairman of Vedanta Group

Anil Agarwal-vedantaThe United States of the early to mid- 1900’s has some striking parallels with the India of today. It was around this time that America began its journey towards becoming the world’s largest economy.

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