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The last wish of 3 Siblings…

Once there lived 3 water bottles. All three were sisters – the younger one of 250 ml, the middle one of 500 ml and the eldest of 1000 ml. All the three were very proud to be providing drinkable water to the thirsty throats. But all the three had something to talk about their personality and all the three were very proud of what they were and what they possess.

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Manthan – Chutki walks 15000 Steps for 5 Liters of Water

Chutki has to get-up every morning at 4:30 am, not to get ready for school, but to help her mother fetch water about 5 km away from a water reservoir. 5 km means about 15,000 steps for her. She is not alone, her friends have the same routine.

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Manthan – Can the Middle Class Dent the demand of Polythene Bags?

Millions of commuters travel every day through metros, trains, buses, private taxis, autos and their own vehicles. Most of us have to buy something or the other while returning home.

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