khushiTeri ‘Khushi’ Se Badhkar, Meri ‘Khushi’ Hai Kahan


To rigorously promote our campaign towards child care, particularly the deprived children in India, we have now launched our first “Khushi” Video which talks about the journey of deprived children towards a nourished, educated and healthy life.

Let us join hands and bring KHUSHI on the faces of many more such children.. WATCH the VIDEO : VEDANTA KHUSHI : Teri ‘Khushi’ Se Badhkar, Meri ‘Khushi’ Hai Kahan

Underprivileged children need your concern. May be your slight behaviour towards them can change the way they live their lives.. JOIN “Khushi” Awareness Campaign…. … also visit the blog to see success stories ..

Let us join hands towards ‘Building a life of Dignity for Underprivileged Children…