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Vedanta “Khushi” – Hollow Dreams

260401‘The city of dreams!’, is the sobriquet that is often repeated in relation to the city of Mumbai. It was a phrase that dominated most of my childhood in Chennai, as my father would travel to the city and come back with tales of a place that never slept and trains that would take you to every nook and corner.

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Can You Send Me Back To The School?….

170705I am currently working in Delhi and generally travel as I look after Business Development in a reputed company at a senior level. My timings are such that I get-up early, leave early and come back late. Thus I am detached to what is happening at the house front and my wife handles it all.

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0D878137” This is a story way back when Rajesh Dash was studying in college for pursuing my Post-Graduation. Rajesh used to stay in Hostel with his other batch-mates. His Hostel had all kind of facilities and helpers were also appointed for the room cleaning. ” A story sent by Rajesh Dash for Vedanta Khushi on how he and his friends hobby helped in building future for some one.

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VEDANTA KHUSHI has taken yet another initiative and this time it is towards the HEALTH of Underprivileged Children in India. VEDANTA KHUSHI is organizing FREE OPERATIONS for Children suffering from CLEFT LIPS AND CLEFT PALATES.

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राजपुरा दरीबा खान को 5 एस कार्यस्थल प्रबंध प्रमाण-पत्र

उदयपुर। हिन्दुस्तान जिंक लिमिटेड की राजपुरा दरीबा खान को क्वालिटी, सर्किल फोरम ऑफ इण्डिया, हैदराबाद द्वारा 5 एस कार्य प्रबंध के प्रमाण पत्र का नवीनीकरण किया गया। गत माह क्वालिटी सर्किल फोरम के अंकेक्षकों ने पूरी इकाई के सभी विभागों में कार्य स्थल प्रबंधन का अंकेक्षण किया।

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